25. Juli 2018

Flash quotes, Day 11

Men, for places 15-16th – Turkey v Malta 7-7, penalties: 6-5 Sinan Turunc, head coach, Turkey: “We played well. At 5-2 my young players thought the […]
25. Juli 2018

Summary, Day 11 – Men’s Quarter-finals

Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Spain march on, Hungary out for the 1st time since 1991 For the first time since 1991 Hungary will be missing from the […]
24. Juli 2018

Flash quotes Women, For places 11-12th – Croatia v Turkey 11-6

Dragan Matutinovic, head coach, Croatia: “We are exactly where we deserve. There are some similar teams Turkey, Serbia, Israel… We could have done better. The 11th […]
24. Juli 2018

Summary, Day 10 – Women’s Quarter-finals

Greece, Hungary advance as Russia and Italy pay the final penalty Penalties were in the spotlight in the two crucial quarterfinals in the women’s tournament at […]
22. Juli 2018

Flash quotes, Day 8

Women, Round 5 – Group B: Serbia v Turkey 9-6 Dejan Jovovic, head coach, Serbia: “It was a game we expected to win. The match played […]
22. Juli 2018

Summary, Day 8 – Women’s Prelims, Round 5

Netherlands, Spain finish atop, can set eyes on semi-finals The Netherlands and Spain clinched the top spot in the respective groups and with an easy quarter-final […]
21. Juli 2018

Flash quotes, Day 7

Men, Round 3 – Group D: Serbia v Slovakia 13-5 Dejan Savic, head coach, Serbia: “We’ve fulfilled our first goal coming to the championships: to win […]
21. Juli 2018

Summary, Day 7 – Men’s Prelims, Round 3

Spain, Croatia join Italy and Serbia in the quarters After Italy and Serbia had already completed their missions in two rounds, world champion Croatia and host […]
20. Juli 2018

Summary, Day 6 – Women’s Prelims, Round 4

Thriller as usual, Hungary beats Russia this time The last round will determine the top spots in both groups in the women’s tournament at the European […]
19. Juli 2018

Flash quotes, Day 5

Men, Round 2 – Group C: Croatia v Turkey 23-2 Ivica Tucak, head coach, Croatia: “We knew the game would end up like this. For that […]