Water Polo Community to discuss future of sport at FINA World Conference

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Water Polo Community to discuss future of sport at FINA World Conference

After the success of the FINA World Championships 2017, where the water polo final between Hungary and Croatia brought together 8000 fans to the cradle of the sport, FINA is back in Budapest, Hungary.

This week, from April 26-28, the International Water Polo Community gathers in the Magyar capital for the FINA World Water Polo Conference.

Over 250 participants, including 163 National Federation delegates, will discuss the future of the oldest Olympic team sport.

The Conference will feature more than 40 speakers who will address 19 different topics. A key component of the conference will be to discuss the sports‘ rules and competition formats. Thanks to the extensive and comprehensive programme, the Conference will offer a unique platform to exchange ideas and best practice.

Experts will also weigh in on what it takes to succeed in areas such as development, media, broadcasting and events, helping Water Polo strive for more success in the future, on a global scale.

Key statistics for the conference include:
More than 250 participants, including experts and FINA Family members (27 from Africa; 26 from Americas; 29 from Asia; 141 from Europe; 7 from Oceania)
163 national federations‘ representatives (27 from Africa, 26 from America, 29 from Asia, 73 from Europe, 7 from Oceania)
Participants hail from 111 different countries (24 countries from Africa, 24 countries from America, 23 countries from Asia, 34 countries from Europe, 6 countries from Oceania)
A press conference is scheduled on Saturday, April 28, at 12:30 upon the conclusion of the conference.

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